Call for Papers: Workshop „Prevent, Protect, Participate! Women’s Roles in Peace and Security“ [ICAS New Delhi]

Deadline: May 30, 2017

As part of the M.S. Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies (ICAS New Delhi), the Module TM 5 (Performing Gender) considers gender issues as an imperative dimension of the overarching ICAS theme of “The Metamorphosis of the Political”, to which various disciplines from the Wuerzburg research group of TM 5 are contributing.

As long as UN-Resolution 1325 has not yet become entire reality and the role of women in matters of peace and security is not fully mainstreamed (Nandi-Ndaitwah 2015), scholars ought to have a special eye on the weal and woe of the “Women, Peace and Security” (WPS) implementation process. The ICAS workshop “Prevent, Protect, Participate! Women`s roles in peace and security” provides the opportunity to reflect in depth on the challenges and prospects of WPS.

Among others, the following questions have to be asked:

  • Can the gender norms which are derived from the WPS agenda deploy enough strength in order to change the practices of international peace efforts? Are the instruments offered by Resolution 1325 and its followers appropriate and sufficient to empower women in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peacebuilding?
  • Are all these instruments effective? Are they capable to leverage more equitable peace, thus fulfilling the credo of UNwomen?
  • Which roles do women play in peace processes? Are their specific kinds of roles that women do fulfil better than others? And finally: Can we distinguish regional differences with regard to roles played by women in WPS in practice?

The workshop will comprehend five thematic sessions:

  1. Session: Foundations and Development of the WPS agenda
  2. Session: Women’s role in conflict prevention
  3. Session: Women’s role in peacekeeping and peacebuilding
  4. Session: Women’s role in the protection of women’s rights
  5. Session: Comparative approach to regional WPS-agendas

Scholars are requested to submit paper proposals for one of these sessions until May 30, 2017 (by E-mail to M.Scheuermann(at) Please include in your paper proposal:

  • Name, affiliation, mail address
  • The session to which you want to contribute
  • The title of the paper and abstract (maximum 500 words)

We plan to publish the workshop papers in an edited volume. We will – pending funding approval – contribute to your travel expenses plus your accommodation and full board at Burkardushaus Wuerzburg.

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